The biological treatment facilities of the City of Sofia produce now 5 different quality products from source separated biowaste


Sofia’s biological treatment plant (Municipal enterprise waste treatment), including the composting plant for green waste and the biogas plant for commercial food waste and former foodstuff produces now 5 different products from source separated biowaste –complying with BG Ordinance on biowaste treatment.

The composting plant Han Bogrov produces 3 types of products: high quality compost (10 mm), mulch compost (10-40 mm) and compost from dewatered digestate. The biogas plant produces 2 types of products: liquid as well as dewatered fermentation product.

The quality inspection of all 5 products has been done by “100 NGO” in cooperation with an accredited laboratory in Austria. All samples complied with the quality requirements laid down in the Ordinance on biowaste treatment and could be placed on the market in Bulgaria as a product. Produced products are suitable for use in agriculture, landscape reclamation and remediation.

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