International Quality Assurance Scheme for compost

The external Quality Assurance Schemes (QAS) for compost have been implemented in many European countries. In some cases external quality inspection and certification of composting plants are also part of national regulations. 25 years of compost production and marketing in EU demonstrate that professional compost users/customers required quality certification when buying compost from biowaste. Such a quality demand for QAS is nowadays is meet worldwide. In order to support the operators of the composting plants and to streghend the qompost quality  in every country, region, settlement…… 

“100-First Zero Waste & Organic Cycle Organization” (100-NGO) in cooperation with Austrian “ARGE Compost & Biogas” quality assurance organisation and an Accredited Laboratory offer internationally a complete IQAS , including certification and awarding the composting plants with the Quality Label:

Flow-sheet (eng) QAS Compost

Flow sheet about the quality assurance of compost


The certification of composting plants by “ARGE”/”100 – NGO” will include the following service:

  1. Carry out initial and routine on-site inspections on composting plants.
  2. Issuing of the Inspection Protocol in compliance with ARGE Quality Manual.
  3. Compost sampling and quality analyses, based on an agreement with an accredited laboratory.
  4. Approval of the quality certification of the respective composting plant by the Quality Committee of the QAS quality assurance scheme
  5. Supporting to set up a Quality Management and the documentation system implemented by the respective composting plant (Quality manual).
  6. Certification of the composting plant after the successfully completed recognition year with:

a. ARGE Compost & Biogas – QAS Quality Assurance Label and

b. „100-NGO“ – Quality conformity label

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