Bulgarian Quality Assurance Scheme

Temperatur control green waste pile

The Bulgarian certification of composting plants based on the QAS by “ARGE & 100-NGO” has just been established. It includes the following elements:

  1. Carry out initial and routine on-site inspections on composting plants.
  2. Issuing of the Inspection Protocol in compliance with ARGE Quality Manual and the Bulgarian legislation.
  3. Compost sampling and quality analyses in compliance with the Bulgarian Ordinance on Biowaste Treatment and based on an agreement with an accredited laboratory.
  4. Approval of the quality certification of the respective composting plant by the Quality Committee of the QAS.
  5. Supporting to set up QM and the documentation system implemented by the respective composting plant (Quality manual).
  6. Certification of the composting plant after the successfully completed recognition year with the
    ARGE QAS Label and „100-NGO“ – Quality conformity label for compliance with the Bulgarian Ordinance on biowaste treatment.

Logo ARGE Compost and Biogas

ARGE – QAS Label

English label QAS

100-NGO – Quality conformity label