Global Network of Organic Resource Management…an International Platform of Corporate Experience

The Global Network of Organic Resource Management  formed by “100NGO” consists of a number of experienced partners and experts in international projects.

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KBVÖ ( Austrian Kompost & Biogas Association)

Schwedenplatz  2, Wien 1010 Wien – Austria
Tel. +43 1-890 1522;  Fax: 0+43 810-9554 063965


Austrian Compost & Biogas Association (KBVÖ) was founded to establish the decentralised composting and anaerobic digestion of separately collected biowaste in cooperation with agriculture (on-farm composting and digestion).

Nowadays the association has grown to a full-scale quality assurance organisation on the basis of the common Austrian standards.. KBVÖ uses external auditors for sample taking, plant inspection, evaluation, documentation and certification of the plants. (258 certified composting plants, 45 waste treating biogas plants and many more agricultural biogas plants; 236.000 t/year treatment in composting)

Since 2015 KBVÖ in cooperation with 100NGO develop and provides International QAS for composting.


Zero Waste Austria

Zero Waste Austria is a platform that promotes zero waste concepts and projects in Austria, both through the website and real life networking in order to link and strengthen the Austrian zero waste community. 

Zero Waste Austria illustrates recent trends that are happening in Austria on living without (creating) waste. New business concepts are constantly rising up at every turn, which do not only focus on the needs of the customers but also take into account the claim to protect the environment in a sustainable way.
It is fun to live a zero waste life and it’s more beautiful to actually live without plastic, things clogging up our space and us drowning in waste. A zero waste lifestyle saves the environment, resources as well as money. It’s as easy as that and just makes you happy!

Biorecykling (Polish Biorecycling Association)

We all have the duty to care for the environment we live in for ourselves and the future generations. Air, water and soil are the factors determining the life on our planet. We cannot exploit natural goods in an excessive manner. Our actions aimed at closing the circulation of organic matter in ecosystem are natural, logical and necessary; what is more, they fit into the notion of circular economy. We will guard the honesty and reliability of actions aimed at recycling biodegradable wastes. We will not allow the uninhibited human greed to destroy the effects of work resulting from the positive actions of people supporting the ideals of recycling the bio wastes, which from now on we will call POLISH BIORECYCLING ASSOCIATION

GWDA sp. Z o.o. – sewage sludge composting plant of Pila, Poland

GWDA is a Polish company, combining long-term experience with a modern look at the environment. Our company has been providing urban waste water treatment services for Piła  for over 20 years, doing so under the principle of sustainable development, emphasizing the relationship between economic growth and environmental and human health. Based on waste organic matter we produce a range of high quality, certified products with fertilizer properties, assuming that sludge is not just waste, but a material based on which you can produce extremely valuable products for the environment. We are highly efficient composting plant with innovative thermomodernization of buildings, modern heat pumps recovering energy from sewage, own supply from a photovoltaic farm bringing us a dual status of Regional Waste Management Facility in the Wielkopolska Region in Poland.

Since 2017 the composting plant is implementing the Quality Management and Control System for Compost, provided by the Quality Assurance Organisation for compost “Austrian Kompost & Biogas Association” (KBVÖ)

“Municipal enterprise for waste treatment” – Han Bogrov, Bulgaria


“The Municipal enterprise for waste treatment” – Han Bogrov is the main biological treatment facility of Bulgarian capital Sofia. The Biogas plant is with the capacity of 20 000 t/y and the Composting facility for green waste is with the capacity of 24 000 t/y. Since 2015 the plant is acknowledge with Quality Label/Sertificate for Quality Management and Control System for Compost Austria, by the Quality Assurance Organisation for compost “ARGE Kompost & Biogas Austria” (


Municipal enterprise “Chistota Eko” – Bourgas, Bulgaria

The Municipal enterprise “Chistota Eko” – Bourgas is the main waste treatment facility of Bourgas municipality in Bulgaria. The main activity of the municipal enterprise are:

  • management, operation and maintenance of the regional landfill “Bratovo-West”;
  • separate collection of municipal waste;
  • waste separation and recycling;
  • management, operation and maintenance of composting plant.

Since 2016 the composting plant is implementing the Quality Management and Control System for Compost, provided by the Quality Assurance Organisation for compost “Austrian Kompost & Biogas Association” (KBVÖ)

“Our Neighbourhood Association for Sustainable Practices”fnalloggoONASP

“Our Neighbourhood Association for Sustainable Practices” is a non-profit organization placed in Sofia, Bulgaria. The aim of the association is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the individual and the community about ecological topics and issues such as climate change mitigation, biodiversity and the use of sustainable and natural resources.

The association provides activities and tools to inspire, enhance and develop the individual and the community to be conscious about and actively engage in projects addressing these topics, with the goal to strike a balance between the personal well being and taking care of our environment.

„Food for the Earth – good for all” – initiative for neighbourhood composting is a leading project of the Association. In 2013 the European commission has announced it as a national winner in their competition “World you like, with a clime you like”.


Walter Hauer, TBH HauerLogo Technisches Büro Hauer

  • Consultancy on waste management integrating all activities into a whole system fitting to a given situation:
    • Municipal Waste analyses
    • Separate collection schemes, “pay as you throw” principle
    • “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR)
    • Planning and operating Municipal Recycling Centres
    • Development and implementation of different waste tax fee models
    • Training & Public awareness


Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Müller – University of Innsbruck WM

Wolfgang Müller works at Innsbruck University as senior scientist since November 2009.  His responsibilities are the development and execution of research projects as well as lecturing.

Wolfgang Müller has more than 20 years experience in the field of solid waste management. His specialist areas are mechanical and biological waste treatment, covering composting and anaerobic digestion. During the last few years he increasingly foccused on renewable energy issues by means of biomass utilisation. He can draw from the experience of a vast amount of applied waste management projects.


“Compost Systems ” GmbH

More than 70 reference plants wcsorldwide show evidence that the company  is a successful Know-How supplier in the composting and waste management sector. Their goal is the leadership in providing solutions, engineering and products for the mechanical and biological treatment of various wastes,  significantly contributing to the resource management and increase in efficiency for our all ecosystem.

Sartori Ambiente logo SARTORI Ambiente

  • Complete range of containers and buckets needed in modern municipal waste collection;
  • Individual concepts and solution for all collection schemes
  • Composters for home composting;


Altares image010


  • GPS based identification and monitoring systems for waste collection schemes,
  • Online collection monitoring tool:
    • easy to handle;
    • tracking and reporting waste collection data;
    • control of trucks and containers in real time
    • planning and implementation of PAYT

“BIOS1 ” GmbH –  in complete harmony Bios_kreislaufwith the landscape


Through our environmentally friendly recycling system provides an energy cycle based on renewable resources. By working with us you will become a clean energy producer, receiving at any time a confirmation of the saved through your biowaste C02 and produced energy.