Education on Biowaste Management in Bulgaria, in 2016

1st Announcement of  “Zero Waste & Organic Cycle” – Sofia 2016

Seminar – Training – Exhibition

This is the first announcement of the – after 2013 (proceedings see – second large conference around the implementation of municipal and biowaste management for Bulgaria entitled:

 ” Integrating separate collection and recycling of biowaste into the current waste management system” – Status, challenges and solutions 


  • Legal requirements and obligations
  • Planning ‘door to door ‘ collection and implementation of‘pay as you throw’ principle
  • Minimum requirements for composting plants, process management & quality assurance
  • Practical examples for successful projects towards ‘Zero Waste’
  • Presentation of equipment and technology

Safe the date and use a request by means of the contact form to keep you updated for the detailed programme.