Education & Training

Education and trainings are key especially during the implementation phase of new waste and recycling policies and programmes. 100 – First Zero Waste & Organic Cycle Organisation can help with a number of high level, practically oriented events.

1. Waste & recycling education programmes

Guidelines for this type of education hace been developped by the consultancy KEB and BBG12/100-NGO.

They can be downloaded from the website after registration via the contact form. We use the collected emails addresses for invitations to our events, training and a newsletter.

2. Waste Mangement training courses

Training workshops for policy makers, plant operators, authorities, planning engineers and labs can be  hold on:

  • Separate collection: designing, costs, organisation.
  • Composting training courses “the art of composting” for operators, authorities and planning engineers
  • Quality management and compost use
  • Legislation, standards

3. Conferences organisation

Organising and co-organsing conferences with a focus on implementation of proper biowaste management are another possiblity of education which 100-NGO offers.