Based on more than 25 years experience in recycling, biowaste collection and decentralised composting and use 100NGO provides the following services in cooperation with partner experts:

ZERO waste
  • The route towards ZERO waste for municipalities and regions
Waste management policy
  • Transferring EU framework into national waste legislation and programmes
  • National and regional strategies for recycling and biowaste management
  • Quality criteria for compost and compost use
  • Documentation and reporting tools
  • Licensing and control schemes
  • Guidelines and Manuals:
    • Technical requirements for composting plants (State of the Art)
    • Quality Management for composting
Economic instruments
  • Integrated waste fee models supporting separate collection and recycling
  • Pay as you throw schemes (PAYT)
  • Extended producer responsibility principle (EPR)
  • Landfill taxes
  • Funding tools
Municipal waste management
  • Analyses of waste composition
  • Planning and designing of separate collection schemes for municipal waste
  • Efficient collection schemes for biowaste from different sources (households, shops, restaurants, public parks and gardens etc.
  • Regional cooperation for waste recycling
  • Monitoring and reporting

Decentralised Composting

  • Planning and designing of open windrow composting plants
  • Accompanying negotiations with competent authorities
  • Advise on cost effective machinery and equipment for composting plants
  • Quality Management training for operators and staff of composting plants aiming at high quality humus production
  • Marketing concepts for compost
  • Documentation, Reporting and quality assurance

Food waste prevention & management


  • Analyses of amounts, reasons and disposal paths of food waste from agriculture to household, planning of prevention measures