Conference & Programme (en/pt) “Zero Waste & Organic Cycle” – 2016 (Brasil)

  Brasil, Florianopolis – 27 October  2016

 Seminar – Training – Exhibition

 ” Steps towards sustainable waste management” – Status, challenges and solutions

“100 – First Zero Waste and Organic Cycle Organisation” will use the opportunity for an intensive education programme following the implementation needs of the  Brasilian Policy. (


  • Programme Florianopolis english

    Program (pdf) in English

    From waste to resource – prevention –
    ycling – energy recovery – disposal

  • Legal and strategic framework for a modern resource recycling society?
  • Step by step planning of key elements towards an ecological waste management
  • Basics of food waste prevention along the food supply chain
  • Integrating waste treatment options: composting, AD, MBT, Recycling plants for glass, plastics, metals, paper & cardboard etc., waste to energy
  • Logistics and infrastructure for cost effective collection models for recycling
  • Intercommunity cooperation: for efficient municipal waste collection and recycling
  • Collection schemes for bio-waste at the source: garden and park waste, kitchen waste, food waste from households, shops, restaurants etc.
  • Programme in Portugese

    Program in Portuguese (Programa em Português)

    Low tech – low cost composting systems in cooperation with agriculture

  • Basic elements of the art of composting and humus production
  • Quality management and quality assurance in composting plants
  • Possible features of a pilot and demonstration project 

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