100NGO / ISWA 2018 Study Tour and Practitioner Training Course: Framework and practice of successful Bio-Waste Management

The ISWA Practitioner Training Course on Bio-Waste Management 2018 will give an insight into separate collection and recycling techniques of organic waste through a smart combination of theoretical seminars and site visits showcasing state-of-the-art practices of the diverse biological treatment techniques and processes (composting,mechanical biological treatment of residual waste, anaerobic digestion, biochar). You will learn about concepts of low cost, decentralised composting schemes in rural and urban environments. One highlight will be the visit of the 6th International Practitioner Day on Composting organised by the Austrian Compost & Biogas Association in cooperation with the European Compost Network. The exhibition will demonstrate latest compost and biomass treatment technologies and machines and you have the chance to meet and exchange with technology suppliers and representatives from waste management associations and departments as well as international experts. We cordially invite to this unique opportunity to receive an in depth insight into 30 years of bio-waste management experience as one of the most important elements in modern waste recycling.

Conference & Programme (en/pt) “Zero Waste & Organic Cycle” – 2016 (Brasil)

  Brasil, Florianopolis - 27 October  2016  Seminar – Training – Exhibition  ” Steps towards sustainable waste management” – Status, challenges and solutions “100 – First Zero Waste and Organic Cycle Organisation” will use the opportunity for an intensive education programme following the implementation needs of the  Brasilian Policy. ( TRAINING AND EDUCATION TOPICS: [caption id="attachment_881" align="alignright" width="211"] Program (pdf) in English[/caption] From waste to resource – prevention – reuse/recycling – energy recovery - disposal Legal and strategic framework for a modern resource recycling society? Step by step planning of key elements towards an ecological waste management Basics of food waste prevention along the food supply chain Integrating waste treatment options: composting, AD, MBT, Recycling plants for glass, plastics, metals, paper & cardboard etc., waste to energy Logistics and infrastructure for cost effective collection models for recycling Intercommunity cooperation: for efficient municipal waste collection and recycling Collection schemes for bio-waste at the source: garden and park waste, kitchen waste, food waste from households, shops, restaurants etc. [caption id="attachment_882" align="alignright" width="211"] Program in Portuguese (Programa em Português)[/caption] Low tech – low cost composting systems in cooperation with agriculture Basic elements of the art of composting and humus production Quality management and qualityread more

Conference “Zero Waste & Organic Cycle” – 2017

Conference "Zero Waste & Organic Cycle" -  2017   Seminar – Training – Exhibition  " Integrating separate collection and recycling of biowaste into the current waste management system" - Status, challenges and solutions "100 - First Zero Waste and Organic Cycle Organisation" will use the opportunity for an intensive education programme following the implementation needs of the national Bulgarian Biowaste Policy. TRAINING AND EDUCATION TOPICS: Legal requirements and obligations Planning ‘door to door ‘ collection and implementation of‘pay as you throw’ principle Minimum requirements for composting plants, process management & quality assurance Practical examples for successful projects towards ‘Zero Waste’ Presentation of equipment and technology Use the contact form to keep you updated for the detailed programme and to register for the seminars/workshops.

Bulgarian Quality Assurance Scheme

The Bulgarian certification of composting plants based on the QAS by “ARGE & 100-NGO” has just been established. It includes the following elements: Carry out initial and routine on-site inspections on composting plants. Issuing of the Inspection Protocol in compliance with ARGE Quality Manual and the Bulgarian legislation. Compost sampling and quality analyses in compliance with the Bulgarian Ordinance on Biowaste Treatment and based on an agreement with an accredited laboratory. Approval of the quality certification of the respective composting plant by the Quality Committee of the QAS. Supporting to set up QM and the documentation system implemented by the respective composting plant (Quality manual). Certification of the composting plant after the successfully completed recognition year with the ARGE - QAS Label and „100-NGO“ - Quality conformity label for compliance with the Bulgarian Ordinance on biowaste treatment. (more…)