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The “100 – First Zero Waste & Organic Cycle Organization” was founded in 2014 by a group of experts to support governments, local authorities and operators of waste facilities in Bulgaria, other Middle-Eastern European Countries and worldwide to meet the new environmental challenges in a cost efficient and environmental sound manner.

A very experienced international expert  team can provide the whole range of services to close the organic cycle and to offer sustainable solutions for waste management and recycling.



Bulgaria – Mr. Grigor Stoyanov

Chair /Executive Manager of 100-NGO

Languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, German


100NGO Exec. Director Grigor Stoyanov

Grigor Stoyanov – Chair / Executive Manager of 100NGO

Mr. Grigor Stoyanov has graduated the bachelor diploma on “High molecular chemistry and polymers, Chemical technology and biotechnology“ and become an engineer on “Engineering protection on environment” in State Technology Institute (Technical University), Saint Petersburg, Russia. His professional career is already more than 11 years in the field of environment protection; 5 years from which were in the public administration working for the Ministry of environment and water of Bulgaria, Waste management and soil protection directorate.

Contacts: tel. +43 699 14144 699; +359 877 444 209, Email: eu100ngo@gmail.com

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A. Area of Expertise

As a former State Expert in the BG Ministry Grigor Stoyanov was responsible for the EU and national policy on waste management like:

  • implementation of EU Directives into national law;acting as a- Delegate to Technical Adaptation Committees (TACs) and Technical Working Groups (TWGs) related to the EU policy on waste management (Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC, Directive 1999/31/EC on the landfill of waste, and End of waste project for biodegradable waste and paper etc…);
  • responsible for the technical elaboration of Acts, Ordinances and Decrees, Minister Orders related to waste management on national level;
  • development of National strategies, plans and programmes on waste management;
  • development of guidelines and manuals to support local authorities for the implementation of waste related legislation (waste management regions/associations, municipalities, regional inspection services, agencies, other stakeholders);
  • assessment and evaluation of waste control activities, permits;
  • specific expertise in management of biodegradable waste, construction and demolition waste, municipal waste; closure and remediation of old and illegal landfills;
  • management of international cooperation and projects on waste management (US EPA, EPA Austria and Germany, EU candidates);
  • participation in expert groups for development and assessment of projects for technical assistance on waste management financed by the European funds (Operational Program “Environment”);
  • organizing and lecturing in workshops and seminars on waste management;

B. Memberships and international representation:

  • Registered Member States expert in TAIEX – Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument managed by the Directorate-General Enlargement of the European Commission;
  • Board Member, Chair of WG5 and ECN Country Representative for Bulgaria in European Compost Network – ECN e.V.;
  • Representative for Bulgaria in Global Methane Imitative;

C. Detail list of responsibilities within above mentioned areas of activities on national level:

  1. Project leader on behalf of Ministry of environment of National project “Development of the legal framework on biowaste management and National organization and system on quality assurance scheme for compost”, funded under Operational Program “Environment” 2007-2013:
  • Ordinance on separate collection of biowaste;
  • Ordinance on biowaste treatment (national end of waste criteria for compost and digestate, produced from biowaste and sewage sludge, pursuant to art.6 of Waste Framework Directive);
  • Calculation and reporting scheme on the fulfilment of the EU recycling targets (art.11 Waste Framework Directive), diversion targets for biodegradable waste going to landfills (art.5 Landfill Directive);
  • Quality assurance scheme for compost and digestate;
  • National organization on quality assurance of compost;
  • State of the art / BAT for composting and anaerobic digestion;
  • development of guidelines and check list for controlling of biowaste treatment plants by the competent authority;
  • development on technical guidelines on implementation of the biowaste policy for the different stake holders ( separate collection schemes, quality requirements, local authority obligation and responsibilities);
  • training and education workshops for the involved stakeholders;

(References for this project: http://www.moew.government.bg/?show=top&cid=405&lang=en)

  1. Lead expert in developing the National strategic plan on diversion of biodegradable waste going to landfills for the period 2013-2020.
  2. Lead expert in developing the legal framework on construction and demolition waste management:
  • Ordinance on construction and demolition waste management
  • National strategic plan on construction and demolition waste management for the period 2010-2020
    Technical guidelines on implementation of the construction and demolition waste policy and strategy for the different stakeholders
  • Training and education workshops for the involved stakeholders.

4. Project leader on behalf of Ministry of environment of National project “Development of National strategy on sewage sludge for the period 2012-2020, BAT guideline for sewage sludge treatment, Guide for decision makers.

5. Lead expert in developing the National strategic plan for landfill gas recovery for the period 2012-2013, together with the US EPA experts.

D. Detailed list of responsibilities within above mentioned areas of activities on EU and international level:

  1. Initiating, coordinating and chairing meetings, workshops and conferences on all aspects on biowaste management and recycling specifically addressing EU candidate and associated countries, new Member states, Mid-Eastern and Mediterranean European countries as a European Compost Network (ECN) Board Member and Chair of WG5 “Mid-Eastern and Mediterranean European countries”:
    • Collection of information on current status and best practices on biowaste management, including studies, evaluations and assessments in different countries;
    • Development of data base for the biowaste management in different countries;
    • Practical education and legislative support;
  2. Participation in short-term and long term technical assistance projects, organized by the European Commission Participation and lecturing of different workshops and seminars, organized by the US EPA.
  3. Organization and participation in international seminars, workshops, training courses and education in the field of waste management.


Austria – Mr. Florian Amlinger

Co-chair/Treasurer at 100-NGO

Expert at the Austrian Compost & Biogas Association

Languages: English, German

Florian Amlinger

Florian Amlinger – Co-chair/Treasurer of 100NGO


Florian Amlinger is an agronomist and a registered consulting engineer under the Austrian Commercial Act (Registration Number: 317-12-G-99651).

Contacts: tel. +43 699 172 826 90, Email: eu100ngo@gmail.com

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A. Area of Expertise

Since 1986, Mr. Amlinger carried out applied research projects involving the process optimization of organic waste composting, the quality definition und best practice of compost application including the assessment of the nutrition value, nitrogen dynamic, potential toxic elements (PTEs) and organic pollutants in composts of different origins as well as greenhouse gas emissions from decentralized small scale composting systems.

He has managed large multi-disciplinary projects such as “Handbuch der Kompostierung” (“The handbook of composting”, Austrian Ministry for Agriculture and Ministry for Science, 1993), “Biotonne Wien” (“The Bio-Bin of Vienna” City of Vienna, 1993), “Stand der Technik der Kompostierung” (“State of the Art of Composting”, Austrian Ministry for Environment, 2005) which was transformed into the Austrian Guideline in Good Practice of Composting in 2008. He coordinated the preparation the Austrian Compost Ordinance on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Environment.

In the period 2012 -2104 Mr. Florian Amlinger was a project leader of the EU funded project of the Bulgarian Ministry of environment and water for development of entire legal framework and strategy on biowaste management in Bulgaria.

B. Consultancy in EU Institutions:

  • TWG “biological Treatment” defining best available techniques for composting within the IED Seville process
  • CEN TC 223 “Soil improver and Growing media”
  • CEN TC 400 “Biowaste, Sludge and soil”
  • TWG “End of waste criteria for biodegradable waste”

C. Further expertise

Since 2005 Mr. Amlinger is the technical project manager for the composting sector in the framework of the implementation of Electronic Data Management system in waste management lead by the Austrian Ministry for Environment.


Austria- Mr. Robert Tulnik


Board member of 100-NGO:
– International Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) for compost

– Chair of Task Force “Composting” (AGRE Kompost & Biogas Austria)


Entrepreneur in the field of sustainable products (dienatur.at, veganova.at)


Languages:  English, German

Robert Tulnik

Robert Tulnik – Board Member of 100NGO as a representative of “Arge Kompost & Biogas, Austria”

Robert Tulnik is an agronomist. He has been Executive manager of  ARGE Styria (1999-2008) and ARGE  Kompost & Biogas Austria (2006-2013). From 2014 he is a Chair of Task Group “Composting” (ARGE Kompost &Biogas Austria).

Since 2006 he is also Executive shareholder in Biomass District Heating.

Contacts: Email: tulnik@kompost-biogas.info 


Germany – Mr. Josef Barth

Board member of 100-NGO:
– Communication, Public Relations and Campaigning
– Quality Assurance
– Marketing for companies/association and recycling products

Director of INFORMA Compost Consultants


Languages:  English, German

Josef Barth - Expert

Josef Barth – Board Member of 100 NGO

Josef Barth is director at INFORMA compost consultants since 1989 and an international expert in the field of organic waste treatment, quality management, compost quality and marketing for 25 years now. Both, governments and industrial clients all over the world, belong to the range of clients.

Contacts: tel. +49252296 03 41, Email: barth@oelde.com

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A. Area of Expertise

Mr. Barth worked as Executive Director of the European Compost Network ECN for 10 years, an extensive network in the field of organic waste treatment and related topics in 23 European Countries representing via its membership more than 2000 experts and plants with a biological waste treatment capacity of around 25 million t annually.

Josef Barth has been invited many times as an expert and to attend organic waste conferences in more than 25 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia to report about up-to-date European biowaste situation, compost quality standards, quality management in composting plants and the European policy and development in biological waste treatment.

 B. Key Qualifications

  • Environmental engineer and environmental journalist;
  • 20 years experiences in information and communication works around urban waste recycling;
  • 20 years of experiences in communication and awareness campaigns for separate collection of urban waste and for the recycling of organic waste;
  • Composition of handbooks e.g. for composting, for quality management of compost quality or for compost application and marketing
  • European waste technology surveys e.g. about small scale modular composting systems;
  • European surveys and comparisons in the area of biological waste treatment about waste policies, recycling strategies, collection methods, technologies, product standards and quality control systems, application of composted products and their marketing;
  • Organisation and establishment of national compost and compost quality organisations and marketing campaigns;
  • Training and education of environmental students (e.g. Agenda 21) at the University of Weimar and company staff responsible for waste handling;
  • In the position of Executive Director of the European Compost Network ECN 2002 to 2012 management of an extensive network in the field of organic waste treatment (composting, anaerobic digestion and mechanical-biological pre-treatment) and related topics. The Network represents more than 2000 experts, decision makers and treatment plants with 25 million tons annual capacity in 25 European Countries and established in 2010 a European quality assurance scheme for compost.

C. International Representations

  • Australia/UK – Acknowledged Foreign expert for recycling of organic waste (treatment, quality, quality monitoring, application and marketing of recycled organic waste;
  • Country representative for Germany in the European Compost Network ECN.


Brasil – Mr. Laurinho Bandeira de Souza

Reporter and Board Member of 100NGO, Expert for South America

Languages: Portuguese, English, German

Milestones and positions  

Resident: since 1985 in Austria

  • From 1985 until 1990 co-founder from Mato Grosso GmbH, a firm that represents the cultural tradion from Brasil in Austria
  • From 2000 until 2010 genereal secretary of the austrian-brasilian society/ umbrella organisation for foreign companies. During this time frame different political and economical delegations were welcomed in Austria
  • 2005 accompanist of an official Austrian governmental delegation to Brasil
  • Since 2010 general secretary of the Socidade Austro-Brasileria (plattform for bilateral relations). Establishment of four official representer in Brasil. Reached the status as Public Interest Civil Society Organization OSCIP in Brasil.
  • Since 2012 leader of an own PR firm.
Mr. Laurinho Bandeira de Souza

Mr. Laurinho Bandeira de Souza – Reporter, Board Member of 100 NGO



Contacts: Email: aftesc@yahoo.com.br

Austria- Ms. Felicitas Schneider

Board Member of 100-NGO, Expert on food waste prevention

Milestones and positions  

Research associate for 15 years at the Institute of Waste Management, BOKU-University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna; since 2017 coordinator of MACS-G20 Collaboration Initiative Food Losses and Waste at Thünen-Institute, Germany

  • Specialised knowledge: food waste, waste logistics, waste generation, waste prevention, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), renewable resources, plastics;
  • Main activities: acquisition and working on research projects, teaching, supervision of students, administrative work, PR work, national and international networking



Mrs. Felicitas Schneider –  Board Member of 100 NGO

Contacts: schneider_foodwaste@gmx.at 

also available via Research Gate (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Felicitas_Schneider) and Linked In (https://at.linkedin.com/in/felicitas-schneider-10b63154)